A downloadable game for Windows

Sophos is a 2d ...Platformer? ..collectothon type thing? I don't know.
My first true attempt at Unity so bear with me here.

Hail Sisyphus the Greedy king, Rolling a stone for all eternity, cursed by Zeus he toils and toils without reward, if only someone would make a game for such a crafty fool. It is here that I have made a game, a game for Sisyphus no less. Let's toss aside the boulder and make the wise fool carry stones, perhaps it would give him a sense of pride and accomplishment... but then perhaps not? What if he were to keep a score, yet unable to remember it. Such a punishment would surely fit the crimes of poor old king Sisyphus. Unfortunately his Boulder can hurt him no more, and how that pains Zeus so.

(A and D to control and R to reset if you happen to get stuck)


Sophos_Data.zip 16 MB

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